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5 Day Photo Challenge: When the Wind Blows

I accept two challenges to post five photos for five consecutive days this week. The first challenge on Black and White 5 Day Challenge was invited by Wilbur’s Travel, meanwhile the second challenge on Five photos – Five stories was invited by Oda Fagerland. I combine these two challenges by posting a black and white photo and its color version with its story for five consecutive days this week.

Day 5: When the Wind Blows

Katendrecht blows wordpressOne challenge to take picture in the Netherlands is its wind. This image is one of example how strong the wind was when I took the image. It was taken in Katendrecht, where one of Rotterdam’s monuments, Steam Ship Rotterdam, is located. Behind the ship was a waste incineration plant. The plant is recently closed down. No more smoke billows from the plants, which is a good news to the neighborhood for cleaner air in the future.

However, sometimes I do miss the view of it, especially at the night time when I walk my dog in the neighborhood. You can imagine my reason for missing it from this image.

And finally, I completed the 5 day photo challenge!

The Challenge Invitation

To share the wealth of posting for five days consecutively, I invite all readers who are interested in photography to participate the challenges. You could decide to do both challenges (“Black and White Challenge” and “Five photos – Five stories”) or just one of the challenges.

The rules for 5 Day Challenge are: (1)  On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories Challenge; (2) Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

Best wishes for readers who will do the challenge!


  1. congrats on the 5 day challenge = and the smoke in the wind is really neat – also – the whole scene is cool and I can see why you miss strolling here.

    • Oh apology! I just realize that I put you on German Blog on my WP Reader List – I always get your feed btw – but not following! Now I should be following you 🙂 My apology!

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