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5 Day Photo Challenge: When the Wind Blows

I accept two challenges to post five photos for five consecutive days this week. The first challenge on Black and White 5 Day Challenge was invited by Wilbur’s Travel, meanwhile the second challenge on Five photos – Five stories was invited by Oda Fagerland. I combine these two challenges by posting a black and white photo and its color version with its story for five consecutive days this week.

Day 5: When the Wind Blows

Katendrecht blows wordpressOne challenge to take picture in the Netherlands is its wind. This image is one of example how strong the wind was when I took the image. It was taken in Katendrecht, where one of Rotterdam’s monuments, Steam Ship Rotterdam, is located. Behind the ship was a waste incineration plant. The plant is recently closed down. No more smoke billows from the plants, which is a good news to the neighborhood for cleaner air in the future.

However, sometimes I do miss the view of it, especially at the night time when I walk my dog in the neighborhood. You can imagine my reason for missing it from this image.

And finally, I completed the 5 day photo challenge!

The Challenge Invitation

To share the wealth of posting for five days consecutively, I invite all readers who are interested in photography to participate the challenges. You could decide to do both challenges (“Black and White Challenge” and “Five photos – Five stories”) or just one of the challenges.

The rules for 5 Day Challenge are: (1)  On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories Challenge; (2) Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

Best wishes for readers who will do the challenge!


  1. I can guess why you miss the view. The billowing smoke is always a pleasant sight to capture – may not be pleasant at all for the people living nearby. When I travel by train and we pass by old factories we see such images – the blacker the smoke the better (and compelling) the view – as though we are time-traveled, in a black and white era.

    Lovely shot. Reminded me of those train rides.

    • hehe…photoshop cuman dipakai utk merubah dari berwarna ke hitam putih. Ini pakai long shutter dari kamera langsung jadi asapnya bisa kelihatan seperti ini. Biasa motret dgn manual setting kan ya?

        • wah..f biasanya bagus buat foto masakan kok..jadi pas. Kalau mau ambil movement ya sbaiknya pakai S. Tapi akan lbh mantap lagi pakai manual. ini hanya krn sering motret kok..lama lama kebiasaan dgn manual.

  2. Very interesting image for the challenge, Indah …

    I was wondering how did you manage to get a steady shot with this strong wind around?

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