Dante and my Duthie

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Indah Susanti, I am an Indonesian living in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) Minneapolis (USA) with Dutchie and our dog, Dante. I met Dutchie in the Netherlands during my graduate study. It was not my initial plan to stay in a four seasons country as tropical weather and spicy food suit me better.

I chose to use “indahs” as blog’s name based on the first e-mail address that I created in 1997 when I started the internet. It is a shorter name from my full name.


I love traveling and scuba diving but the most important of all: I enjoy these activities more if I bring my camera. I feel lost when traveling or diving without my camera. That makes me an addict to photography.

I have all my travel diaries in handwriting and these days I’d like to share the story online. Some of my blog posts are about my previous travel.  Please excuse grammatical errors on my post, I hope my pictures speak more than my writing.

My achievement,  contribution, and publication are listed in this link. I accept freelance writing and photography assignments but depends on my working’s schedule. My main profession has nothing to do with travel and photography. If you would like to use my pictures or my blog posts for publication please drop me a message on Contact IndahS.

Images by indahs are also available in iStock by Getty Images 



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