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Marine Life in Orange

National Geographic’s Life in Color series called the orange as the color that commands attention without overwhelming. Meanwhile Michelle in Daily Post’s Photo Challenge describes the orange color as vibrant, cheerful and it makes a statement.  For me, the orange color reminds me of the clownfish (aside to the Dutch Orange Fever during the football match and the King’s Day celebration!). The clownfish (anemonefish) who love to do the “wiggle dance” always brightens my scuba diving moments. I have mentioned on my previous post, Finding Nemo in Raja Ampat that there are different species of the clownfish live in our ocean. They are also varied in orange color as well, from the bright orange to the darker ones.

There are more marine life with orange color and they make the ocean a vibrant place to dive in. Mostly they are fish and shrimps. Are you familiar with the following marine species?

 All photographs were captured by myself during scuba diving in Lembeh Straits and Raja Ampat (Indonesia).


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