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Day 23 of Underwater Photo Challenge

Octopus can kill you with their venoms. But, only a few octopus species that have such fatal venoms. Blue-ringed octopus is the most highly venomous species of octopus, in fact, it is considered as one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. Its venoms kill humans. I have seen it once, but it moved so fast before I managed to take its picture. Unlike several octopuses that I have seen during my dives, Blue-ringed octopus is small and it is likely we don’t see the octopus although it is next to us.

Another capability of octopus is to change the color and the texture of their skin to match rocks, corals and other items nearby. Their ability to camouflage is one of the kind. I managed to capture an octopus changed its skin color. And it went so fast!



  1. As always, beautiful pics! So enamored by the pics you produce. My son is a scuba instructor and he sure could learn much from your blog. Will show him these.

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