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Shaun The Sheep

Day One of Underwater Photo Challenge

Following April’s Photo Challenge, I will continue to do a month of underwater photography from my previous diving travels before COVID-19. So it will be 31 days of underwater images blog posts this May! Hopefully, I will not miss a day or two just like previous April Photo Challenge. Fingers crossed.

On the first day of the photo challenge, please let me introduce you: the smallest marine animal I have ever seen. It’s famously known by scuba divers as “Shaun The Sheep” (Costasiella kuroshimae). This is not a nudibranch, but sacoglossan sea slug. These sea slugs can be found in Bali with the help of local dive guides. Due to its small size, 5 mm in length, I am sure I would not be able to find it myself 😀


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