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Wildlife Wednesday: Ravens at Grand Canyon National Park

It’s a bit tricky to identify a crow versus a raven bird. They looked alike as black colored birds and intelligent ones. I saw a bird when visiting the amazing Grand Canyon National Park. I assumed it was a raven bird due to its large size – bigger than a pigeon. A crow is known to have smaller size that similar to a pigeon.

Ravens at Grand Canyon National Park


According to Grand Canyon National Park’s website, ravens are common sight in the park, especially at the rims area. I met few of them at the South rim. I wish I could take pictures of them flying with the canyon as the background. Unfortunately, they were too fast or let’s say I was too slow to click the shutter when they flew around the canyon ๐Ÿ˜€

For now, I only have the raven’s pictures when the bird took a rest at the tree’s branch…


  1. Very cool pics mba,, tapi di bahasa, sama-sama gagak ya (i dont know)… walaupun sebenernya beda hehe..
    Btw itu pake lensa berapa mm?

      • Brati equivalen 300mm, pernah liat ada fotografer di youtube lagi motret burung pake 600mm (full frame) dia sembunyi di semacam bilik kayu gitu terus dikasi rerumputan untuk kamuflase, biar burungnya ga takut… Ini gitu juga ga haha

  2. You got nice and very sharp pictures, Indah! I hope to visit Grand Canyon National Park soon…was supposed to go now in May, but too much other stuff happening.

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