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Phenomenal Horseshoe Bend (Arizona, USA)

Two things that I love most from visiting remarkable places in the U.S. that related to nature and conservation are: they are affordable (sometimes for free) and these places are simply stunning. National Parks and natural landmarks in the U.S. are so unique and phenomenal, that should not be missed when visiting the country. Horseshoe Bend is one of these phenomenal natural landmarks that located in a small town called Page in the State of Arizona. We drove from Las Vegas to Page and stayed over there for a couple of nights. The town itself is a gateway to several astounding landmarks including the remarkable Antelope Canyon.

Page, a window view from our hotel’s room


Page is located on a mesa in extreme north-central Arizona (source), and basically it’s a dessert and it could be extremely hot in the summer. The Horseshoe Bend is just about 8 KM (5 miles) from Page. It’s not far from the city but I am afraid it’s not easy to reach by foot or by bike due to the road and dessert nature of the area. We drive from Page to the Horseshoe Bend. There is a huge parking lot then we still have to walk to reach the Horseshoe Bend.

Horseshoe Bend (Arizona) – distance view after walking from the parking lot


Unfortunately, the current pathways to reach the Horseshoe Bend is not friendly for wheelchair and stroller. It’s hilly, rocky and dusty road. However, I notice there is a new pathway development in progress and it looks like it will be a suitable pathway for wheelchair and stroller. Let’s hope it will be completed soon, nature, after all, is for everyone to enjoy. (And there is no fees admission to enter the Horseshoe Bend. Yes, it’s free for everyone!)






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