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Wildlife Wednesday: Galápagos Sea Lions

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought of presenting the pictures of the Galapagos Sea lions in their togetherness. They live in a colony where they do activities as a group from sleeping, playing and of course, swimming. In the colony, there is one dominated male and several females. However, the female is not considered as harem as they can join and leave the colony at any time as they like. Freedom of movement, I guess 😉

Did I say they like to sleep together? A lot!

Galapagos Sea Lions


Even on the rocks. I guess, as long as they are together, they will feel comfortable sleeping just everywhere!

Galapagos Sea Lions


Swimming together is also common to see in the colony of the Galapagos Sea Lions.



But, from all of the togetherness among the sea lions, my favorite part is to watch the mother and her pups. Nothing beats the love of parenthood even in the animal’s kingdom. Sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Galapagos Sea Lions


*All images are taken in San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.



  1. These fabulous images made for a good start to the day. It is so touching to see and of course, it takes a good photographer to capture them so well.

  2. Your Galapagos sea lions are magnificent. The pups are especially adorable. You’ve captured them beautifully. We loved having Sea Lions living on our poop deck when we sailed there. My favorite memory (among many) of the place. Also, sea lions are very smart. We were visiting there with a boat two kids on it. The mother sea lions would let her pups swim with the children on this boat as if she new they were kids too.

    • Oh gosh, I can imagine how fun it was to see them on your boat!! They are so playful and seem aware that humans pose no danger to them. Thank you so much, Lisa ❤ – wishing you a lovely Sunday!

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