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Five Things I love about Minneapolis

What do I love about where I live, Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA)?

I have been living in Minneapolis for more than two years now and by far I enjoyed living in the city. Although I still don’t get why dim-sum in the Chinese restaurants here should only be available in the weekend; and I still can’t cope with its cold and long winter. Sometimes I also feel the season jumps immediately from the winter (a very long one) to the summer. Nevertheless, there are awesome things about Minneapolis that I adore and make the livings here are delightful.

First: the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. It’s just open last year and I love it. There are numerous sculptures around the garden plus a field for miniature golf. Dogs are allowed in the garden, thus, it becomes our regular dog walking visit.

Checker and Dante at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Second, Pianos on Parade in the downtown Minneapolis every June. 25 pianos are placed around the downtown for everyone to play. It’s free and it’s fun to watch. Although I don’t play piano, I love listening to strangers playing piano in the public space, and most of the time, they are awesome players!

Third, the lakes in Minneapolis. Lake of the Isle is our favorite lake…hm, no, maybe Lake Harriet. Or Lake Bde Maka Ska (formerly known as Lake Calhoun)? Wait, I think Lake Nokomis is better..oh, well, the city has too many lakes to enjoy all season, but we’d prefer the summer. Of course 😀

Fourth, colorful street arts in the city. I will prepare a special blog post about this!

Street art in Minneapolis

Fifth, frozen waterfall is just 20 minutes away. OK, I am not a fan to the winter season but to seeing a frozen waterfall is a memorable one.

Frozen Minnehaha falls


All images are taken using mobile-phone camera Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.


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