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Hiking to the Cotopaxi Mountain (Ecuador)

Monochrome Monday

Our last day in Ecuador was marked by hiking to the Cotopaxi Mountain (Ecuador). It was a tiring day, but we did it, I reached the Jose Rivas Refuge at 4864 meters (15,973 feet) above the sea level.

The story about the hiking will come later but this time, let me share two images of the hiking and the amazing view of Cotopaxi Mountain. Have a great week!


More about Ecuador, please visit: Ecuador by



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  1. This is so awesome Indah. I have been reading up on those 3 Ecuador volcanic giants, which Cotopaxi is one of them, along with Cayambe and Chimborazo. Really looking forward to your write up. Thanks for sharing these 2 photos! 🙂

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