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Hiking to the Cotopaxi Mountain (Ecuador)

Monochrome Monday

Our last day in Ecuador was marked by hiking to the Cotopaxi Mountain (Ecuador). It was a tiring day, but we did it, I reached the Jose Rivas Refuge at 4864 meters (15,973 feet) above the sea level.

The story about the hiking will come later but this time, let me share two images of the hiking and the amazing view of Cotopaxi Mountain. Have a great week!


More about Ecuador, please visit: Ecuador by



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  1. I remember that I could see the stunning Cotopaxi while having breakfast from my hotel, unfortunately we had little time and we did not do the hike but instead went to Baños. Nice pics! Angela

    • Cotopaxi is indeed stunning! You are lucky to have such great view from your hotel 🙂 I have read Banos is a nice place too – and I have never been there, I guess that’s the way we travelers complete each other’s experience 🙂 Thank you so much, Angela 🙂

  2. So thrilled to see that you saw some of the mainland Ecuador as well! Cotopaxi is one of our all time favorites! 😀 Our visit there pretty much kicked off our nomadic journey. We let the kids decide the first destination and they chose to go to an active volcano. Cotopaxi was the obvious choice since we were already in Ecuador. It was a very memorable experience.

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