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The Night of Rotterdam’s World Port Days

Rotterdam Wereldhavendagen

The World Port Days or in Dutch known as Wereldhavendagen is celebrated annually for three days on the first weekend of September, and this year it is organized on the fourth to the sixth of September in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). We live nearby to the heart of the event activities, Erasmus Bridge, thus we are hardly miss this annual event.

This year’s theme is The Dream Port. Rotterdam Port Authority has been doing very well this year and one of its achievements is becoming the most advanced container terminal in the world that runs on a zero emissions. Well done, Rotterdam!

The night activities and atmosphere of Wereldhavendagen are even better than the daylight activities. Our favorite part is the theatrical music festival called Nacht van de Kaap where there are several music stages of different type of musics like Dutch folk music and jazz music. De Kaap is a nick name for Katendrecht, a historic district in Rotterdam where used to be part of the Rotterdam’s old harbor and prostitution area in 1910. Sailors and sex seemed inseparable in those days. The sex industry in Katendrecht was offered through theatrical and dance shows in the brothel’s bars with jazz music played along. The industry is finally banned in 1981.


And of course, the fireworks at Erasmus Bridge as the highlight of the Wereldhavendagen’s Saturday evening! Luckily Erasmus bridge is very close by from the location of the Nacht van de Kaap and we are there on time to see the fireworks.

After the fireworks over, we hear a popular song played from the distance. Lee Tower’s voice, a famous Dutch singer who is also from Rotterdam. I am sure majority European football lovers are familiar with this song:  You’ll Never Walk Alone (YNWA). It’s a sign to end the evening, a perfect song to end a lovely night.

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