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Children of the Island

Whenever traveling to small island for scuba diving, I could not help to feel jealous with the children who live in the island. Their playground is the scuba diver and beach lovers’ paradise: white sand beach and beautiful ocean. These two children I met in one of Papua’s islands were the lucky ones to enjoy the paradise as their daily playground. Who needs television or play-station when you have beautiful beaches and sea to spend your day 🙂

Last month I was absence in posting Monochrome Monday images, thus I am planning to post it on weekly basis again this month. If you are a monochrome photography lover or regularly posting monochrome images, please join me by submitting your monochrome posts. The idea is to host a weekly  “link-up party” but only for monochrome photography posts.

The link up will be powered by InLinkz. However I am not sure if it will work well since my blog is not self-hosted and still attached to, I guess we will find out about it later this week.

You can submit more than one post from Monday to Thursday this week, old posts are welcomed! 

Only for posts with monochrome images (black & white or color monochrome). 

You are welcomed to link your post to this post using the following HTML Code:

Join us on <a href=””>Monochrome Monday</a>!

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  1. Hi Indah, what a great moment you shot. I think… Firstly, the children’s innocent expression smiling n laughing to you is priceless in this photo. Secondly, the photo is showing their place, that people n place has one entity. Thirdly, as a monochrome those children priceless unforgettable expressions has a superb contrast to white sandy beach background .

  2. Agree Mbak… Actually, in some cases, children living in rural are luckier than the ones living in big city. They just play with the nature, instead of putting their faces next to recent gadgets..
    Who needs the newest mobile phone if you can lay down on the beach, enjoy the breeze and swim as much as you want 🙂

  3. Your blog is so big and wonderful ….. I d’ont know like or comments on eonderful pics..!!! It is tve best blog..!!!

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