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Monochrome Monday: Abandoned


Abandoned walls in Lisbon (click for large image)

I’ve always been fascinated with photography of abandoned places. Abandoned places are everywhere in the world but unfortunately the places usually are not safe for touristic purposes and closed for public. I have doubt that we could enter these places without permits. When I traveled to Lisbon (Portugal), I saw few empty buildings with scattered walls. My mind ran wild, thinking these places were abandoned places with odd things inside πŸ™‚

Have you seen unique abandoned places? Perhaps one of these places as listed in Bored Panda – 31 Haunting Images of Abandoned Places?

indahs_monochrome in instagram


  1. Hello, Mbak Indah. Your blog is so beautiful! You share a lot of brilliant photographs. I’m into photography, but I don’t know much about photography techniques. And I take pictures mostly using my phone camera, does this count as photography? πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much Icha! You are always welcome to visit this blog :), truly an honor to have you here. Pakai bahasa Indonesia saja ya? Capek juga pakai bahasa Inggris terus πŸ˜€ Menurutku sih, bisa banget kamera dari smartphone sebagai medium fotografi. Yang paling utama dari fotografi tersebut sebenarnya image yang bisa menarik perhatian, menyentuh dan pastinya dinikmati oleh publik terlepas medium-nya. Hanya bedanya kalau kamera dari smartphone biasanya otomatis setting-nya, sementara kamera biasa punya setting manual. Jadi tantangannya berbeda πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Indah, love your angles and composition, they do make the abandoned places you capture are dramatic in monochrome. Love your insting, curiosity, and information for capturing such objects.

  3. I just love your photographs, color or B&W, on land, in water. And I like old abandoned places, too, and always photograph them. Don’t know why. I like doors, too.

  4. each photo has such a unique feel – and the energy ion the third one is my fav – but they are also great in monochrome – adds to the mood.

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