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Orange Fever is (almost) over

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil celebrated in the Netherlands in the form of the Orange Fever (Dutch: de oranjekoorts). It is mainly to support the Dutch National Football Team – sometimes being called as Oranje or The Flying Dutchmen.  A dear friend who has been living in the Netherlands longer than I do, has posted interesting articles on Orange Fever in the Netherlands each time the Dutch football team moves further to the next level of the competition: Chez Lorraine’s Orange Fever Part 1, Orange Fever Part 2, Orange Fever Part 3. Her posts are interesting to read, they are especially on the escalating orange fever whenever the Dutch Team won a match.

The orange fever is also celebrated in Rotterdam. Some houses are decorated with orange ornaments and Dutch flags to support the Dutch Team in the World Cup. Not only houses, the cars are decorated in orange too. And of course the dog 🙂

Unfortunately the Dutch Team lost against the Argentinian Team after a penalty shootout in the semifinal (Wednesday, July 9, 2014). No fireworks in my neighborhood after the semifinal match. Usually some of our neighbors celebrated the Dutch Team winning by launching small scale fireworks after the match. The quiet evening after the semifinal match was an evidence of the Dutch disappointment as their national team failed to play at the final.

The disappointment also can be found in the tweet world. The twitter posts of the Dutch matches used to have variety funny memes like #NEDAUS (the Netherlands vs. Australia); #NEDSPA/#SPANED (vs. Spain); #NEDCHI (vs. Chile); #NEDCOS (vs. Costa Rica) and #NEDARG (vs. Argentina) – which the memes also include their Queen who came from Argentina. However the excitement has gone. There is not many memes #NEDBRA for the last match against the Brazilian team this Saturday to win the third place.

Nevertheless I hope the spirit of the both team, the Dutch and the Brazilian are still in the air to play the match at their best. Winning the third place means finishing the team’s last World Cup match as a winner. May the (third) best team wins tonight.

UPDATE July 13 2014:

The Dutch Team won the third place match against Brazil with score of  3:0. Viva Hollandia!

Respect to the Dutch Team coach Louis van Gaal for using all 23 Dutch football players to played in the prestigious event World Cup 2014.


  1. Great photos and great intro into the wild world of Orange Fever 🙂 It is too bad that they could not go to the finals. I was in Germany (Uberlingen) during the final match and watched it with some German fans…an incredible experience. I love how the World Cup brings so many great things together, and it is great that it is every 4 years: enough time to miss it, but not too long. Really enjoyed this post 🙂

    • Thank you so much! And welcome back Randall! Ahh, that was the Dutch Team dream to play against the Germany! The Germans and the Dutch have such long history to share and to make fun of in terms of football 🙂 Now, I hope to se your post soon about German’s trip!

      • It was funny, all the German fans I ran into said the same thing, they wanted to play the Dutch and have a score similar to the Germany – Brazil match 🙂

        • LOL…I am afraid the Dutch will lose against the Germans..but you never know the power of Dutch will to beat the Germans’ team 😀

  2. Thanks for following my blog. LOVE the theme of your blog, looking forward to your future posts 😉

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