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5 Day Photo Challenge: Sharks Diving

I accept two challenges to post five photos for five consecutive days this week. The first challenge on Black and White 5 Day Challenge was invited by Wilbur’s Travel, meanwhile the second challenge on Five photos – Five stories was invited by Oda Fagerland. I combine these two challenges by posting a black and white photo and its color version with its story for five consecutive days this week.

Day 4: Sharks Diving

Jardines de la ReinaMy first diving with tens of sharks was in Ambergris Caye (Belize). I just got my scuba diving license and to dive side by side with tens of Nurse Sharks on my first ten dives was truly amazing gift after “stressful” scuba diving course! Meeting the sharks has changed my traveling style from land only traveler to the combination of land and ocean.

I did my second sharks diving in Jardines de la Reina (Cuba) where this image captured. We stayed for a week in the middle of mangrove area, a home to the wild American saltwater crocodiles, surrounded by nature and away from humans crowds. We were diving every day with tens of sharks from various of species: Caribbean Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Silky Sharks and Nurse Sharks. Before diving, we were advised not to provoke the sharks and to keep our hands close to our bodies otherwise the sharks could assume the hands as small fish to catch. Additionally, we had  to dive in a group and maintain our distance for not being too far.

Jardines de la Reina

Click for Larger Version

There are so many different type of sharks species with different species behaviors. They were mostly larger than me, they showed curiosity to us by following us diving, sometimes next, below or above us. Just imagine one or two sharks of 2.5 meter swam next or face to face to you. It was amazing a feeling to have close natural encounter with the wild known as predators. Remembering those days made me missing the dives with the sharks. No one was injured nor attacked during our sharks diving in Belize and Cuba.


Jardines de la Reina

Click for Larger Version

Having been diving with the sharks in natural way made me concern about the shark cage diving like the ones in Gaansbai (South Africa). Shark cage diving is unnatural and its sustainability is in question. The practice of shark cage diving is through luring these predator to the baits and in the end the sharks were accustomed to go after the cage for food. However, I do hope to visit South Africa for its sharks diving but without the cage! Hopefully the next one will be in Aliwal Shoal. Fingers crossed.

 The Challenge Invitation

Since I accepted two challenges, I assume I am allowed to invite two bloggers to join the challenges. First of all, please don’t feel obliged to accept this invitation. I invite Mencari Jejak and Nin’s Travelog to participate. They are bloggers who love photography. Mencari Jejak just started photography with lots of potential. Meanwhile Nin’s Travelog has stunning photography, I am truly impressed by her recent photos series entitled Pride of Lions.


  1. You are truly brave. I am inspired.

    When you say: “Before diving, we were advised not to provoke the sharks and to keep our hands close to our bodies otherwise the sharks could assume the hands as small fish to catch.” – I am scared. Let me be honest.

    Now this is what it is – when you are passionate about something you’d go for it – yes there are precautions to be taken – but not many even with precautions would want to take that plunge.

    Beautiful pictures!

    • Thank you! I have to be honest I was afraid and felt intimidated as well by the number of sharks we saw. It was not easy feeling at the beginning. After several days then I got used to their presence and trust that they would not attack us. It took a while to gain such trust. But indeed, despite of precautions taken, we should not underestimate the power of these sharks and their capabilities as predators..

  2. ❤ x 100000

    Amazing! I don't know what I loved more about this post, the pictures, or the story!
    You are so lucky to have dived with sharks right after getting your scuba diver license! I need to go to Belize and Cuba soon!!
    Its very interesting the things we need to be aware of before diving with sharks, each one has a different behaviour. I don't know if you ever looked at this Instagram account, but I am sharing with you now because I love it: @sharkaddicts ❤
    I would love to do one of those shark awareness specialty courses 😀 one day, I hope!

    About cage diving, I was actually talking about this with W last night, I never want to do cage diving… I dont think its natural and I also dont like the idea of being where I am not welcome… if I can't dive free, then its better if I dont.

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