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Humanity in Monochrome

I started taking pictures in year 2002 using an analog camera.  On the first years of photographing, human interest photography was my favorite subject. It was not an easy subject and I had plenty of failed pictures from many roll films. However I kept few photos. I had them printed and scanned them despite of their not so excellent quality. These few photos captured the humanity moment that I wish not to be forgotten and neglected.

International Workers’ Day of May Day, Jakarta 2003. Thousands workers from various trade unions were participating in a rally to celebrate May Day. This picture was taken during one of theatrical acts on modern slavery. On the same day, I met this lady and her son who begged for money on the street. Her husband just passed away and she thought to return to her hometown. Jakarta was not her city, she told me.

Jakarta’s Old Port, Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta 2003. Informal employment is very common in developing countries like Indonesia.  It is true that the informal economy has helped them to survive and not to fall into extreme poverty. However these type of employment are lacking of social protection, low-paid and unsafe working conditions. And Indonesia today is still facing large number of informal employment without proper social protection.

Humanity has no boundaries. It is about being human and how we treat each other regardless our differences.


  1. I like analog and black % white. Scanning early 1900 photos of Indochina right now. Will post ASAP.

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