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A Run for the Guide Dogs

Rotterdam is quite active in organizing annual running events. Rotterdam Marathon (42K) is one of the events that has been internationally acknowledged. It was mentioned as the Worlds Top Ten Marathon by the Runners’ World. The marathon hold annually and in 2014, there were 13,500 marathon runners from 76 countries, and 35,000 participants joining the Rotterdam Marathon. Inspiring isn’t it? The marathon has inspired many Dutch people to run and participating in such event. More running events in the city have became popular nationally, such as Ladies Run (5K, 7,5K and 10K) and Bruggenloop (15K) – which means Running through Bridges.

Additionally there are also some local running events like Maasstadloop with 5K and 10K distance runs around Kralingse Plas, green area that surrounded by a lake. This year the Maasstadloop aimed to raise funds to support the learning process of the guide dogs for the blind through KNGF, an organisation that organize dog training to be guide dogs for the blind. It has delivered more than 5,000 guide dogs! On Sunday morning, friends in Rotterdam were participating in this running event and I was there to take some pictures and also to support them.

Please meet one of the guide dogs – his name is Oedin and he is super friendly..

Some more pictures of the runners..

And there were special runners: a dog and his human friend, great addition to this event!


Your Nibble News on its post stated that “the spirit of humanity is sharing, caring, emphatic and flexible. It involves a whole range of emotions and helps us to relay effectively with our fellow human beings.” That’s how I experienced today by witnessing enthusiastic runners, their families, and friends who were participating in an event that aimed to help others. Kudos to the runners, the dog trainers and of course: the guide dogs for the blinds.

May humanity spirit stay with us to keep sharing, caring and being emphatic to others.


  1. Indah!!! Mihrank sent me me over! Wonderful! Love Rotterdam & running!!! Old Rotterdam one of my favorite places!!! Nice website you have as I look around! Phil from

  2. Indah, this is fantastic! Rotterdam is such a special place – we used to live in Amsterdam and visiting was one of our favorite treats. And I love that the wonderful guide dogs are involved. GreT post! ~Terri

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