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The Sustainable Rotterdam

One thing to respect Rotterdam is its local government efforts to develop the city as one of sustainable cities in Europe. One of their first actions is by having 10,000 m2 (comparable to a football field) of solar panels as the roof of its train station (Rotterdam Centraal Station). And the view of the roof is quite artistic in black and white tone 🙂


    • 🙂 ah, I guess it was during the renovation period – but yep, the truth is Rotterdam train station was the ugliest compared to other big cities train stations..but now I can say it is the coolest one even compared to Amsterdam 😉

  1. I’m asking me why they have solar panel without sun? This is for me an expensive way to protect from the rain. Maybe they should develop panels to produce energy with rain panels. 🙂

    • 😀 Hahahaha..maybe it’s a cool way to look cool? 😀 Perhaps someday the Dutch will invent such panels, rain energy panels – that’s actually something that will be benefit these weeks 😀

        • The rains are finally gone this week 😀 😀 but again, never know what will happen next week..the thing is in the Netherlands weather is after the sunshine there comes the rainy days.. 😀 😀 Hope you are having great weather until the rest of holiday!!

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