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El Che

His legacy brings various aspects of controversy. His revolutionary battles, his ruthless, and yet, his sincere idealism to fight injustice and promote freedom for all. He is admired and condemned, his legacy remains until present day not mere as faded painting on forgotten wall.

El Che in the Fray.
Photo was taken in Havana, Cuba.


  1. Hi Indah! I’m back reading your Cuba posts. Have you seen The Motorcycle Diaries? It’s based in a true life story of Che Guevara prior to his revolutionary days, where he took a road trip with his friend on a motorcycle. It’s really beautiful and one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it, I promise you’ll love the movie!
    I love all your posts and really admire your work!

    • Thank you so much Boots! Yes, I saw it and it was a good movie! I hope you will visit Cuba Boots, fingers crossed thing gets better between USA and Cuba soon!!

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