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36 Hours in Copenhagen

I loved DaBorgen Seizoen-2-Tv-serienish TV Series and addicted to it (always can’t wait for their next season). I don’t speak any Danish except “manga talk (thank you)” and “Hvordan har du det (how are you)” but luckily their TV series also broadcast by BBC UK and Dutch television channel with subtitles. My favorite ones are Borgen (Government – politic and drama series), Forbrydelsen (the Killing – crime/detective series), Rejseholdet (Unit One – crime/police series) and Dicte (journalist/crime series). These series have a female main character that showing her power struggles in a male-dominated world. I guess that makes Danish TV series are so interesting to me 🙂

I visited Copenhagen, not because of my addiction to their TV series or their effort to promote gender equality. Copenhagen was suggested as a hen party destination since our lady friend who would get married was crazy about Viking and anything related to pilot (that meant we had to fly for the party and ensured she met pilots). Of course, we made sure to take her pictures with the pilots in the airport and the “Viking” guys during our walk-in Strøget.

Strøget is a shopping center that considered as one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe. It has a nice atmosphere, crowded with lots of street activities happening. We also tried Danish pastry or locally known as wienerbrød in one of the cafés in the area. I was not sure which café we went to, but my Danish colleague had recommended me to tried Lagkagehuset Bakery for delicious pastries.    

We stayed at a hotel nearby to Nyhavn (New Harbor). The harbor was lined with colorful townhouses from 17th century accompanied by cafes, bars, and restaurants with canals as their waterfront. The bars and restaurants around Nyhavn were bitten overpriced, but since Copenhagen was an expensive city already, Nyhavn’s bit overpriced did not bother me anymore 😀

Since it was a hen’s weekend, we visited Fisketorvet, a medium size shopping mall if being compared to malls in Asian or North American countries. It has numerous branded shops, cinema, and restaurants with so-so quality. Nice building, I recommend visiting this mall if you want to shop for branded Danish stuff. The mall is located next to Copenhagen harbor bath which is an open-air pool with free entrance for anyone to swim. The harbor bath has several pools including for children. It opens only during summer time (obviously) starting in June to August. There are fresh water showers but it has no dress-changing room. A swimmer should not forget to bring a towel.

Harbour Bath

Another activity we did in Copenhagen was one-hour tour canal from Nyhavn. The route was covering some famous places that I wished to visit but rather impossible due to group’s hen activities. The route includes sightseeing the Copenhagen icon, the Little Mermaid, which was, in reality, a medium-size bronze statue and it was packed with plenty of tourists. I only saw her back from the boat. Next visit, I would ensure I capture the pictures of the statue from the correct angle.

We saw the top of Church of our Saviour’s beautiful tower and spire architecture. Someday I hope to climb its tower. The boat tour also passed by the Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of Danish Royal Family, it was facing the Copenhagen’s Opera House, a distinctive architecture building. Another unique architecture was the Black Diamond (Den Sorte Diamant), a national library on the waterfront location. Impressive building with (must be) fantastic view from inside of the library.

If you wish to visit more than three attractions in Copenhagen, I suggest buying Copenhagen Card. The card has several options from 24 hours t0 120 hours. It covers public transports (include the canal tour) and free admission to most museums and attractions in Copenhagen.

I found Copenhagen as a remarkable city that someday I would love to return 🙂



  1. I love Scandinavian TV Series too and I’m addicted to it too 🙂 thatwas thereason why I was in May in Malmö and Copenhagen. I think you know the Swedish-Danish series, Broen, Brön aka. the Bridge 🙂
    So I can offer you Malmö for visiting too 🙂

    • Hi Viki, 😉 glad to hear that there are many who love Scandinavian TV Series! They are pretty good and I enjoyed most of them..Yes, I watched Broen too, great series! I hope for season three but I am not sure anymore. I would love to visit Malmo someday, and maybe they have the tour about the series 😉 who has inspired Hollywood to make a remake 😉
      And many thanks for dropping by!!

    • Me too!! Nyhavn has its charms – it’s nice to sit there with a cup of tea or a glass of wine…now you made me thinking of it 🙂 Thank you for your visit. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great pictures! It is one of my favorite cities. I have been there three times and last time designed a nearly 8 hour walk around the city with a lunch break in Nyhavn. This was also the day of Mermaid’s 100th birthday!

  3. I love your pictures from Copenhagen! I’m from Denmark myself and it’s cool to see how other people see Denmark and the things they notice here.
    And funny thing about the TV series. I had no idea that they show them outside Denmark. Awesome 😀

    • Hi Marie, thank you for your comment. My apology just to respond now. I missed it on my notification. I love Danish TV series, and now I am addicted to The Legacy – Arvingerne 🙂

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