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Wildlife Wednesday: Javan Rusa

My first time saw a Javan Rusa or Javan Deer was at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center in North Sulawesi (Indonesia). A beautifully stunning animal native to Indonesia and Timor Leste.

The wildlife rescue center works together with local and national authority to rescue smuggled wildlife animals and returning them to the wild. However, some of the animals had been experiencing stressful smuggling condition and the recovery process took a long time.

Similar situation faced by the other wildlife animals, habitat of the Javan Rusa is limited due to human activity. Its population in the wild is considered vulnerable according to IUCN. The male deer has bigger antler than the female. They usually rarely alone and always stay in a group. An interesting fact about the Javan Rusa is that they don’t drink water as they get water from their food; fruits, grass and leaves.


    • Thank you, John! I guess it is because their habitat is in Indonesia and Timor Leste. Unique species that doesn’t need to drink water…

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