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Visiting Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

Just around 38 miles from Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), Hoover Dam was included on our trip itinerary when visiting Las Vegas. Hoover Dam was easy to reach by car, but the area was quite busy when we arrived (be prepared for slow traffic when entering the dam complex). The parking was not easy, it took us a while to get a spot. Above all of that, the view of the Dam was spectacular.


The Dam is known as the largest volume reservoir in the United States with the Lake Mead as the reservoir.  The Dam volume is around 2.5 million meter cubic. It was finished in 1936 and considered as the world’s hydroelectric power station on that time. Currently, the world’s largest is the Three Gorges Dam in China.


Boulder City (Nevada, USA), was built to host the dam project workers. The city was built on the Federal’s land and run by the Federal’s employees. Only until 1960-ish, the Federal government relinquished control of Boulder City. We visited the city for lunch at a restaurant that offered Southwest menu. I was not too impressed by the service, one of the waiters was acting like an English teacher, meanwhile, the food was fine, but nothing special. The only thing that I like about the restaurant was its exterior as you can see on below picture. The drive from Boulder City to Hoover Dam offered a nice scenery of the Lake Mead. It was a nice stopover.


One thing that I adore about the American’s monuments or famous places, just like the Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore or Horseshoe Bend, mostly are affordable and sometimes even for free. It is the case with the Hoover Dam. There is no entrance fee to enter the area, but the parking fee applied.


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