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Eight Tips Renting A Golf Cart in Ambergris Caye (Belize)

Driving a golf cart in Ambergris Caye is a fun thing to do if you wish to explore the Caye that also known as La Isla Bonita (based on Madonna’s song). We rented a golf cart for 7 hours; it costs us around 40 USD.*


Some tips when renting a golf cart for a day:

1. Avoid renting the golf cart on the rainy days
There are no covers on each side of the vehicle; you may get wet if the rains were pouring down..

2. Remember your rented golf cart license/renting number
There are many golf carts leased in the caye, and some of them are looked alike!

golf cart Belize

3. Always bring your car driving license with you.
Police have the right to stop you from showing your license. No license means traffic fine.

4. Lock your golf cart when parking
Usually, the thefts are after the parts of the golf carts, thus be cautious!

golf cart Belize

5. Always park on designated area
Parking is mostly for free, but when you park in private/taxi parking and no parking zones, you risk of getting a parking ticket.

6. Prepare five Belizean Dollars* for crossing the bridge (one way only)
My understanding there is only one bridge in the Caye. It connects the main island and the part that reach to the Mexico border.

7. If you still have seat space, do consider to take Belizean hitchhikers
Belizeans are friendly, and they may share few tips on the Caye’s hidden gems.

8. Bring your swim/snorkel gear and drive to the Secret Beach
The beach is not easy to reach by foot unless if you’d like to exercise in the heat. Bumpy roads to drive through but it is fun. The beach has calm seawater and not many boats passing by unlike in other parts of the Caye.


Then we found an abandoned villa with a private jetty at the end of the road reaching to the Mexico border.

Does it look haunted to you?

*All prices here based on trip on August 2016


    • Hahahaha..yes, it is not very macho, and not super fast either 😀 but most Belizean in the caye riding it 🙂 Oh, the commentary section is closed automatically after a month of publishing. It is to avoid the spammers leaving message on old posts – I get too many spam messages 😦

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