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Holidazzle, A Little Holiday Town in Minneapolis

Holidazzle, “A Little North Country…In The Heart Of The City”

The catchphrase as in the Holidazzle website is about right. This year is my first time visiting the Holidazzle, a festive event in Loring Park, Minneapolis (USA). I had an expectation the event to be a bit similar to the Christmas markets as in Germany or Maastricht (the Netherlands), but it was not. It has its own characteristic and it shows the America’s melting pot. Fascinating!



Dutchie and I had a blast trying out the food at the Holidazzle. There were numerous food stands at Holidazzle but we tried just two of them and loved the food! We had Dutch mini pancake called “poffertjes” (which is a popular snack in the Netherlands) and Polish dumpling or “pierogi” (which was my favorite food when visiting Poznan, Poland). The Dutch usually eat poffertjes with butter and sugar powder but the stand also offers maple, chocolate or strawberry topping. American’s style poffertjes 😉 The Polish dumpling tastes reminded me of the ones I had in Poznan. The stand, Pierogi Place at Holidazzle, also offers potato and cheese pierogi with sour cream which is typical dish for Christmas in Poland. Truly recommended (I took two portions of pierogi because they were so good!).

Besides of Kids Zone, ice skating range, and numerous local shops and breweries tents; Interactive Illuminated Art Installations, The Wolf and Moose, are captivating to see. They were made from recycled plastic materials. I took tens pictures of them. Many visitors seemed like these installations too – quite a long line to try out The Wolf and Moose.

And of course, there were stages for Christmas Carols, open-air Cinema and Photos with Santa.

All activities are outdoor. It sounds insane to spend hours outside as we know how cold the winter temperature could be in Minneapolis. But with so much fun offered in Holidazzle, we did not even feel the cold!

Holidazzle opens for free every Thursday to Sunday, from November 25 to December 23. More about the Holidazzle and schedules please visit: Holidazzle Schedule.


  1. As it goes in travel, we don’t know what to expect at a new event, but the success is in adjusting to what we find, as you did. Thanks for sharing this colorful and sweet adventure, Indah.

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