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Facts of Frogfish, A Magical Creature from the Sea

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24th edition of Marine Life monthly post. Marine Life post published every 19th of the month. It aims to share information on marine life species and to promote their conservation. All images here are taken by Indah Susanti unless stated otherwise.


Frogfish in Ambon (Indonesia) – Click for larger image

Sometimes I get the feeling that the frogfish is a magical creature from the sea. Blame it on ‘The Princess and the Frog’ movie and ‘The Frog Prince’ story 😀

Well, the frogfish is not the prettiest fish in the ocean, but its face gives the fish a character. In my imagination, it could be a magical creature who is grumpy and weird with super power to camouflage and fast suction. Sometimes the frogfish look like a clumsy species with a bumpy body and awkward “walk”.

Followings are the facts about the frogfish.


The frogfish is a fish that walks. The fish walks with sides fins that have joints like toes. They can swim too. This video on walking frogfish was made by Dave Zeller.


The fish camouflage so well that sometimes they look like corals. They can change the colors of their body to match to the surrounding.


The camouflage is not for protection but to hunt the prey. When the prey gets closer to the frogfish,  the frogfish uses its lure then opens its mouth rapidly to create suction that makes the prey is drawn into its mouth. The frogfish suction is the fastest in the fish world (source). The following video of how the frogfish hunting its prey was made by Fred Moberg.

Frogfish eats other frogfish, although it is not their main diet. While practicing cannibalism, frogfish usually eat shrimps and other fishes as their daily diet.


There is numerous number frogfish species and by far I find the Hairy frogfish and the Psychedelic frogfish are the unique ones because of their unusual looks. These frogfish could be found in Ambon (Indonesia).


Now, how do you find the frogfish? Could they be magical creatures from the sea?



  1. A fun, interesting and informative post, Indah. Excellent photos and video. I have a question. Why is it called a FROG fish? Is it the way it walks? Does it hop? Or is it what the fish was called as long as anyone can remember. Thank You.

    • It is my pleasure to share the Frogfish 🙂 I have seen a frogfish did a jump but it could be also sort of swimming but in short distance (hard to tell when they move so fast!). But I don’t think they can hop like frogs or rabbits. I was told by a marine biologist whom we met during scuba diving trip that the fish gets frogfish name because they have wide mouth just like frogs in the land, and the fact that they can walk with toes 🙂

  2. A walking cannibal fish – don’t see that every day :-). I am amazed at how many great shots you got given that these fish are so good at camouflage. And what variety. Totally cool

  3. During our dive in Balicasag Island, our divemaster pointed out something. We went near him, looked at what he’s pointing, and looked at each other in confusion. Later, when we surfaced, he said he was pointing at a frogfish.

    Wow! The camouflaging abilities of that animal is astounding!

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