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Costa Rica: Crocodiles under the Bridge

Monochrome Monday

Seriously, I had goosebumps when seeing tens of crocodiles under the bridge in Costa Rica. They live next to the river bank of Rio Tarcoles.

Costa Rica by Indah Susanti

Costa Rica by Indah Susanti

Costa Rica by Indah Susanti

Costa Rica by Indah Susanti

Dutchie and I stopped at the bridge on our way to Utila (Pacific side of Costa Rica) from San Jose. We have heard about the famous crocodiles that live on the Rio Tarcoles. Drivers slowed down their vehicles to see the crocodiles, but it was impossible to see them from the road. It’s better to park your car in front of the restaurants next to the bridge then walk to the bridge. There was enough space to park and the locals offered their services to guard your car. We spent less than 15 minutes to see the crocodiles under the bridge and it was more than enough to know how dangerous it must be down there!

Information for Indonesian travelers who wish to visit Costa Rica as tourists:

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