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Minnesota State Fair, My First American State Fair Visit

Considered as the second largest state fair (after Texas), of course, I don’t want to miss seeing the Minnesota State Fair when living in one of its cities. Minnesota gets the honor as our first experience. Followings are my impressions of the state fair:

It’s A Fun Fairground for Children

The state fair offers fun sites for kids to play, enjoying their last week of summer holiday.

Minnesota State Fair

Cool Grandstand with Musicians

Some concerts are paid, and some are for free. Some famous U.S. musicians (mostly from country music genre) have been performing at the fair, and it will continue annually. This year, musicians like Demi Lovato, Dixie Chicks, and Bonnie Raitt are going to perform at the Grandstand of the Minnesota State Fair.

Smart Working Animals Shows

From the dogs to horses shows. Most of them are great helpers to the farms in Minnesota.

Minnesota State Fair

Agriculture Exhibitions

As one of the richest states in the USA with the major economy from agriculture, it’s no wonder that the agriculture-related exhibitions are shown at the fair. I saw a variety of ‘ancient’ tractors that I have never seen before.

Food, Food, Food

Somehow I get the feeling that majority Minnesotans come to the fair, especially for the food. We were advised by our Minnesotan friends to try out the famous cookies of the Minnesota State Fair: Sweet Martha’s Cookies.  Believe it or not, Sweet Martha’s Cookies sold 1 million cookies a day and earned $ 2 million from last year’s Fair. We missed the cookies, unfortunately. The cookies were sold in a bucket (not a small one!). After the typical midwest’s snack – the cheese curds, mini donuts and some greasy deep-fried finger food, we have space no more for the cookies..but of course, we should not miss it on the next year’s Fair!

Practical Information:

  • Uber zone and Bus Shuttle are available to avoid the parking madness
  • Come early during the weekends, while the weekdays usually less crowded (but trust me, it will be still busy!)
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you are going to walk a lot
  • The State Fair also hold Fine Arts Competition for photographers and painters
  • The State Fair opens for 12 days until the weekend of Labor Day
  • Official website: Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota-based Football Team, Vikings, also has its stand at the Fair


  1. We have crazy foods here in Texas during the state fair. But I am not too keen to try some of them because they are so unhealthy haha! Maybe this time around I will…

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