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The Big Four (+Giveaway from Dive Inspire)

Marine Life mediumThe 15th edition of Marine Life monthly post is sponsored by Dive InspireDive Inspire offers creative products inspired by the wonders of our oceans. On this post, Dive Inspire and I would like to introduce the Big Four from our ocean: Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, Mola-Mola, and Whale Sharks. Plus four unique items of the Big Four will be given to lucky winners!

Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead by Barry Peters

Hammerhead by Barry Peters

How big is the Hammerhead Sharks? The length of the shark is from four to six meters (13 to 20 ft) with weight up to 450 kilograms (1,000 lbs). There are nine species of Hammerhead Sharks and the largest species called as “the great hammerhead”

What its cool ability? Its eyes that are located on the outer of its hammer allow them a vertical 360 degree view!



Manta Rays

Spots on Manta's Belly

Spots on Manta’s Belly is its unique ID (Image by Indah Susanti)

How big is the Manta Rays? The length of the Manta Ray is up to 7.6 meters (25 ft) with weight as much as 1,300 kilograms (3,000 lbs).

What its cool ability? Manta rays have the largest brains of approximately 32,000 fish species (source). They show intelligent behavior like coordinated feeding and easily get social with human swimmers and scuba divers. Manta rays are not dangerous and gentle swimmers, but do not touch them. Human touch will remove their protective, slime coating from their skin and it will hurt them. Manta rays’ tails do not have spikes like the String rays.


Mola-Mola (Ocean sunfish)

Sunbathing Mola-Mola (image by Moosealope)

Sunbathing Mola-Mola (Image by Moosealope)

How big is the Mola-Mola? It is the heaviest of all the bony fish! While its size could reach to four meters (14 ft), its weight in between 247 and 2,000 kg (545–4400 lbs).

What its cool ability? They eat jellyfish! Plus they are deep divers up to 100–200 meters depths (328 to 656 ft) and after the deep diving, the mola-mola does the sunbathing to rewarm its body. Don’t be surprise to see the mola-mola floating on the sea surface, it is not dying but they are sunbathing 😀


Whale Sharks

Whale Shark

Whale Shark (Image by Indah Susanti)

How big is the Whale Sharks? It is the largest fish in this planet with lengths of 12 meters (40 ft) and weights up to 20 tons. The whale sharks are not dangerous to humans; they are sharks but not aggressive and do not eat meat. However, with average weight of 20 tons, the shark has a very powerful tail that could caused serious injury if get smashed at!

What its cool ability?  A whale shark can filter through more than 6000 liters of water per hour and its average life span is 100 to 150 years old!



Special ‘Big Four’ Gifts from Dive Inspire

Dive Inspire is kindly offering four items of the new Big Four Series!

Which one is your favorite of the ‘Big Four’? Let us know in the comment box!

Four winners will be selected from comments mentioning favorite Big Four. Random Generator will help the selection process.

We wait your entry until 18th November 2015

Big Four Cover wordpress

Thank you to Dive Inspire for sponsoring the gifts!

Dive Inspire logoDive Inspire is a young and energetic company based in Thailand. It was founded in May 2014 by passionate recreational scuba divers who have desire to incorporate the amazing underwater world with daily life. “Fulfilling our own desire” is the best way to describe Dive Inspire. The items have been created for different functions from clothing, decorative items to accessories which can be tagged along anywhere you go.

Dive Inspire wishes its product can help alleviate sea-sick during working days for divers without carrying scuba tank, breathing through regulator or dealing with nitrogen narcosis including all who love or start falling in love with underwater world just like us.

Official website of Dive Inspire:

Please join Dive Inspire in Facebook Page and Instagram to stay inspired by the beauty of ocean and its colorful marine life!


  1. Wow they are awesome, it’s great to find out about new up and coming companies. I love the mocha bag tag. But all the big four are super cool. Thanks for sharing. Alex

  2. Wow….such great insights! Not sure why but your posts do not seem to be coming on my WP reader…bummed that I missed the earlier ones. Going to read them now 🙂

  3. What a GREAT post, so fascinating and as always, so information. Of these “Favourite Big Four”, it is SO hard to choose. I love them all. Been always been one to root for the underdog and am going to go with the Mola-Mola. I have never heard of them before. And what a cool ability to dive to such deep depths.. It really would an amazing sight to see them sunbathing on the surface.

    Thank you Indah for this post, and to Dive Inspire for your great work in the diving community! 🙂


  4. It would really be a super amazing experience if we see those big 4 in the wild. We have a whale shark watching attraction here in Cebu, but we don’t support it because of its non-sustainable, non-eco-friendly method.

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