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5 Day Photo Challenge: Udaipur Market

Day 1: Udaipur Market

Udaipur Market

Udaipur Market

Udaipur Market

An Indian Lady at Udaipur Market

Obviously, as mentioned in the title, this picture was taken in vegetable and fruits market in Udaipur (India). The idea to visit was brought by our auto-rickshaw driver in Udaipur after we drove around visiting some of Udaipur’s highlights. He said the market is the best place for photography in Udaipur compare to palaces and monument we had visited. Stunned by his statement Dutchie and I agreed to visit the market with him. However, I was always nervous to take pictures of people in public, and I told the driver about it.

Being kind he was, he stepped out from his rickshaw and asked us to follow him walking through the market until we saw a group of basket weavers, all were ladies. He said to me, ‘Indian ladies would not bite you for taking their pictures’. I still remember his words every time I look at this picture. He was right, Indian ladies were smiling, and being very friendly by hugging me when I sat next to them. My nervousness were gone after their friendliness. They laughed when I showed them of their images on my camera’s screen. I wish I could send the printed images to them. It was one of my wonderful traveling days in India.

My previous posts about Udaipur as you can view in Udaipur and Udaipur at Night.

The Challenge Invitation

I invite Teri Dashfield who is a wonderful photographer to join the challenge/challenges. She has an interesting giveaway post last week – Topaz Giveaway that will end on 10th of March! Just take a look and who knows you are the lucky one 😉


  1. What an expressive image! The b&w version is deep and mysterious and the colour version expresses energy and positivity. Great capture, despite the fact that it is indeed so difficult to take photos of strangers, especially in place where you are not familiar with how society works.

  2. It is difficult (at least for me) to take pictures of people on the street. I always feel like I’m robbing them.
    Udaïpur is on my travel list. Some of my ancestors lived there or close in the 19th century.
    Take care Indah

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