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Featured Photographer: Dian Karlina

Featured PhotographerSecond edition of Featured Photographer regular monthly post. I am honored to introduce Dian Karlina, a young Indonesian female based in Hong Kong (China). She is a law student with current profession as a court interpreter. From her travel images, you can feel her passion for humanity.  

A Warrior (Papua, Indonesia) by Dian Karlina

A Warrior (Papua, Indonesia) by Dian Karlina

I have been following Dian Karlina’s Flickr Page for years. She is one of travel photographers who inspired me to take pictures during travel. Her photographs are striking from the beautiful color compositions and unique angles.

She also captures photography in black and white, and two of them are my favorites. The images were taken from remote areas in Papua (Indonesia), showing the uniqueness of her travel. I do not have her courage to visit and travel by foot for days through rain-forests  to reach the most isolated tribes in Papua.

The following is from my interview with Dian Karlina, I hope you will get inspired by her photography and her travel.

Travel Photography According to Dian Karlina

How do you define travel photography
“Travel photography is a means to share my travel experiences. It encourages me to explore a place I was visiting and capture the special moments I saw; and it teaches me to be patient and waiting for the right moment.”


Zanzibar by Dian Karlina

Whose work has influenced you the most?
“Mostly National Geographic photographers such as Joel Sartore, Michael Yamashita, Frans Lanting and so on; but there are many amateur photographers whose amazing works inspired me as well as on Flickr.”

Photography Gears for Traveling

What is your camera or maybe camera(s)?
“My first camera is Nikon F3. It is an analog camera (with film). Currently I use Canon 5D Mark III.”

What is your favorite lens for travel photography?
“I’d prefer fixed focus lenses such as 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 200mm.”  (Note: this type of lenses also being called as Prime Lens, please check this link for further information.)


Travel Destinations 

From all of your travels, which place or cultural event that has touched your heart most? 
“Every place and culture has its own beauty and uniqueness. I always thought that the last place I visited was more interesting than the previous one, but when I went to another place I discovered new things again.”

Do you have bucket list of travel destination or cultural events that you wish to capture?
“Sure I do and may need a bigger bucket to fill in. Hopefully I can visit Iceland in the nearest future. The country has mystical nature and landscape.”

Favorite Photography

I admire these two black and white images that you took in Papua (Indonesia). Who were they and what exactly were they doing?

“The first image entitled “Preparation” was taken during Baliem Valley Festival. They were preparing hot stone for grilling yam and wild boar for villagers.

The second image entitled “Blows” was a man from Korowai Tribe from Southeast Papua. The tribe lives in a very isolated area. We walked for three days to reach their village. They still used stone age tools, nothing was modern like ours. I have heard that there were still some groups from this tribe that haven’t met with the outsiders like us and they were still practicing cannibalism. Luckily, the group that we met stopped the practice.”

Would you share with us your favorite photos?
“From Asia, the image entitled Balanced Life was taken in an old harbour in Jakarta, Sunda Kelapa. It is my favorite because the hardworking people with sunset backdrop creates a dramatic yet poignant scene.

Meanwhile the second image entitled Kowloon was taken from the highest building in Hong Kong. It is a scene of Kowloon. I love the look of the city that was so bright that it looked like a flowing lava on the streets.”

“From Europe, the image that I took in French countryside, “Stand-out”,  reminds me of a miserable rainy morning. I thought there would be no chance to capture anything nice but suddenly the rain stopped and came the sun with the rainbow.

Then, my second favorite image from Europe is an image from Venice entitled “Golden Mask”. It was taken during the annual Carnival, and I love the image because its colors are mesmerizing.”

Can’t get enough of Dian Karlina’s Photography?

Some of her images presented in this post were taken by Nikon analog camera (with film, not digital). Dian Karlina always using manual focus and settings when capturing the moments. Please click the title of her image to get directed to a larger version of the image.

Dian Karlina’s photography official website


  1. Wow!!!! Amazing… I really do love that picture of the harbour in the sunset too!
    She is a wonderful photographer Indah, I can tell why she has inspired so much. I loved her photos!
    And film camera? Awesome!

    • I am happy to share her work Allane. Glad that you like her images too 🙂 Film camera is rare to be used nowadays and it was challenging to take pictures with film camera, well we had to wait couple days to get the result! 😀

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