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5 Day Photo Challenge: Wonderful Wonderpus

Day 2: Wonderful Wonderpus

Wonderpus OctopusThe octopus’ species name is Wunderpus Photogenicus but it is well known as Wonderpus. I saw this octopus in Lembeh Strait (North Sulawesi, Indonesia). Lembeh Strait is known for muck diving, a type of diving that I love since there are always surprises to spot alien looking species, just like spotting this Wonderpus Octopus. It was an unusual scuba diving moment: the octopus was swimming from above. She was swimming down to the seabed in between Dutchie and myself. I was shocked but luckily I had my camera ready for some clicks. My clicks managed to capture one moment when Dutchie stared at the octopus.

She landed safely on the seabed – thankfully not on top of Dutchie’s head 😀 It’s not in every dives we had an octopus swam in between of two scuba divers. Do you know that the female Octopus often strangle and eat their male mate?

I accept two challenges to post five photos for five consecutive days this week. The first challenge on Black and White 5 Day Challenge was invited by Wilbur’s Travel, meanwhile the second challenge on Five photos – Five stories was invited by Oda Fagerland. Both bloggers have awesome travel experiences and photography, please do check their blogs. I combine these two challenges by posting a black and white photo and its color version with its story for five consecutive days this week.

I will invite bloggers by the end of the post to participate the challenges. The bloggers could decide to do both challenges or just one of the challenges or not doing any of the challenges at all. The rules for 5 Day Challenge are:

  1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories Challenge.
  2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

The Challenge Invitation

Since I accepted two challenges, I assume I am allowed to invite two bloggers to join the challenges. Therefore, I invite Bulldog Travel and In the Wrong Boots to join the challenges. They are female travel bloggers and I always enjoy reading their travel experiences and I am sure you will too 🙂


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