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De Rotterdam Towers

A building is not just a place to be but a way to be. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

A new icon to the city, De Rotterdam was created to be a vertical city with three towers that accommodates livings (apartments), work (offices and conference facilities), and leisure (restaurants, hotel, shops). It was designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), an architecture company founded by a  Dutch notable architect Rem Koolhaas (and yes, he is a Rotterdammer!).  De Rotterdam building project started in 1997 and finished in 2013.  The building is recently received an award as the best tall buildings in Europe for 2014 from CTBUH. Figures of the building can be read in The Skyscraper Center.

De Rotterdam

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to join a tour of the building, as one of activities during the Rotterdam’s World Port Days. The tour took one hour, and we had a chance to visit several areas inside of the building. The building consists of three towers that connected to each other. The Mid and East Towers are aimed for offices.

The West Tower will be used for apartments and penthouses. The front view of this building is facing to Maas River and Erasmus Bridge with the east part view to Noordereiland (a small island in the middle of Maas River). Meanwhile on the south side of the building is facing to Rijnhaven, an old port where Solar-Powered Floating Pavilion located.  This pavilion looks alike half bubble floating on the water. It was built as the first pilot project for climate change-proof architecture.


A Spanish chain hotel Nhow is now located in one of De Rotterdam Towers. It has 278 rooms and meeting rooms, and restaurant with an open area on the seventh floor. It has modern design and each room has really nice windows view. The cheapest room cost around 120 Euro per night. It’s not for free obviously.


The New York Times and the Rough Guides have included Rotterdam as top ten places to visit in 2014. The NY article called Rotterdam as the first-class architecture in the Netherlands’ second city. Without a doubt, this iconic building has boosted the popularity of the city. The Netherlands now is not only about Amsterdam, the windmills, wooden shoes, and tulips  😉


  1. The towers look absolutely beautiful on the outside and the inside. The night shots were splendidly captured, love how you can see the reflection in the waters. The bubble-like floating pavilion(s) reminds me of the round Esplanade “durian” building in Singapore 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mabel for your kind words! Yes, you are right, it is looked alike the durian building 🙂 I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it. Actually at first I thought the pavilions looked alike floating soccer ball 😀

  2. Rotterdam gets much buzz with its modern architecture. One of the reasons to visit it is the Central
    Station. Nhow Hotel is another new reason to come there. Beautiful pics Indah.

  3. The modern architecture is totally unbelievable! And the way you framed the images is awesome, Indah. I see photos like these and realize just how big our world is. Even the image of the hotel room is just so modern. What impressed me the most are the clean lines of geometric design in all the photos here. Amazing shots, my friend. xx Amy

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