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Rotterdam’s World Port Days

Used to be the world’s busiest port (1962 to 2002), Port of Rotterdam is still considered as the largest port in Europe.  Every year, the Port organizes the World Port Days (De Wereldhavendagen) event that allow public to see “behind the scenes” of the port activities. This annual event started in 1977 and still continued until this year. The event is now growing into maritime festive and participated by the Dutch Marine corps and international companies.

As usual, the festive is celebrated for three days on the first weekend of September. This year it starts on Friday 5th September until Sunday 7th September. The activities includes the excursions to the port, container terminals, manufacturers, and boat trips. Also there are some maritime shows on the Maas River by the Dutch Marine corps. The location of the event is mainly on Wilhelminapier where the icon of Rotterdam, Erasmus bridge, is also located.

Evening parties on Saturday night are being hold at several area to celebrate the World Port Days. The largest and the nicest one is located in Deliplein-Katendrecht, a neighbourhood next to Wilhelminapier. This evening party is called as the Night at de Kaap (de Nacht van de Kaap). The party includes music performance in several stages, dance area, food and drink stalls. It is a fun open-air party. I have never been able to take pictures of the event but let me share the night photos of Dutch Marine multi-function support ship, Karel Doorman, that is docked in Wilhelminapier for the World Port Days this year.

This annual event is very special. It shows the characteristic of Rotterdam as a port city that depends on the river. Usually the tours and excursions during the festive are fully booked very quickly, so buying the tickets online as soon as possible is highly recommended (the excursions are in Dutch and English). I missed some tours this year but managed to get the last ticket for an excursion to the largest multi-function building in the Netherlands :). Please stay tune, I will post it on the next coming post!


  1. Amazing! I love everything related to the ports and boats. I am a very poor swimmer myself but I love everything capable to stay afloat 🙂

  2. How amazing Indah! I didnt know about this event at all… I always wanted to visit the port, since I studied logistics on my Bachelor hahaha… I have a friend from Brazil who is in love with this Port!! I will see if I can make it there during this even next year, it will be a great time to visit the city and to finally meet you 😀

  3. Wow! I love the your pictures! They give me a different view of Rotterdam. Beautiful! I think next I visit Rotterdam I’ll keep your posts in mind ’cause they’re for sure also very informative. Then I can see it from another side instead of just the City Roterdam. I look forward to see more of your posts. 🙂 Thank you very much for visiting my blog and especially for the follow. Have a wonderful week!

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