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Published in “Duiken” Magazine!

Just sharing a good news: my article along with underwater photos that I submitted early this year are finally published by Dutch’ scuba diving magazine, Duiken, for its September edition. Six pages article and 14 underwater photos were selected by the editors! The article is in Dutch, “Onzeker toekomst Bangka Island” or in English translation is “Uncertain Future of Bangka Island”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe article is about the underwater characteristics of Bangka Island (North Sulawesi, Indonesia)  and a mining invested by a Chinese company on the island. I visited the island for New Year this year. I was stunned by its underwater beauty and unique marine species. Its water is also home for endangered mammal dugong and migration route of whale sharks. I am not an anti mining person, however for this case I have to against it since the mining permit was given locally without considering the laws above the local government that prohibits heavy industries to take place in a small island like Bangka Island.

Judith Rietveld from Duiken magazine also joined in the writing, she wrote an updated information of the legal process and the mining progress. The mining has recently destroyed one of dive sites that famous for its unique marine species: frogfish. The dive site is now covered with rocks and landfill. She wrote excellent details on the updates.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wrote the story of Bangka Island on previous blog post. I am thanking the Head of  Duiken editors, Rene Lippman,  who is still willing to publish the article although partial of the story was already blogged. He believes the effort to save marine life has to be supported and shared. The magazine is available in the book shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and also online.

The petition to stop the mining is still available for public to sign. It is initiated by Indonesian famous rock singer, Kaka Slank. His initiative is also supported by Green Peace Indonesia, Indonesian’s Friends of the Earth International (WALHI), Indonesian’s and local NGOs in North Sulawesi Province.


  1. Congrats on your articles and photos being published, Indah. What a pity that the beautiful life in endangered because of an in appropriately granted mining license.i hope the people’s effort against this can help resolve the issue.

    • Thank you so much for your kind support and wishes!! It’s just insane of what’s happening’s greed that sacrifices others and environment. The islanders rejected the mining too and by now they get nothing from it, no single hospitals built in the island, and there is still no roads connecting between villages..

  2. congrats! am very happy fer ya,,, in 1966 when i was 9 years old my dad strapped a single 38 with no reserve on my back and took me under in la jolla cove in sandy eggo california, got to see my first live lobster an eel then, will nevr forget , came to love diving for many years, keep on keeping on awesome stuff 🙂 Q

    • Hi Mike, thank you for dropping by and leaving me with a kind comment. It’s awesome that your father introduced you since you were 9! Lucky you! Lobster is more beautiful to see under the first I saw them alive, I was hardly recognize it since their color changing when they died/cooked. I am still bit afraid with eel 😀 – anything that lookalike snake bit creep me out 😉 – prefer sharks!!

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