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Left Behind in Bonaire

Malmok Lighthouse Ruins. Taken in Washington Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire.

Also to respond: The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge on Relic


  1. wow i dont even know where bonaire is, is this washington state in the us?

    • Hello..oh, Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands in Caribbean, it is near to Venezuela. It is an island. The Washington Slagbaai is just a name of their national park, nothing to do with the Washington state in US. However, there are a lot US citizen visiting the island and their currency is US Dollar not Euro 🙂

        • Indeed.. 🙂 One thing I know in 2010, they had referendum in Bonaire and majority chose to stay with the Netherlands, and it becomes Dutch special municipality. Meanwhile Aruba and Curacao sort of separate and have their own prime ministers and parliament but somehow they still get funding from the Dutch government – but now Aruba went bankrupt and gosh who knows what will happen to Curacao’s news about Curacao airport shooting is not good for their tourism industry…

          • wow super interesting! thanks for dropping all this knowledge. i recently studied abroad in the netherlands for 4 months so everything dutch piques my interest now

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