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On Travel & the Smithsonian Portraits of Planet Ocean

In less than 24 hours I will fly to Jakarta, visiting my family and later on I will continue for a diving trip in a boat (liveaboard) to Raja Ampat. I am so excited to meet my parents, my brother and his family after a year not seeing them. And I also looking forward to visit Raja Ampat as it is my dream-diving destination for ages. I still can’t believe that finally I will visit it. Raja Ampat is recently recognized to have the richest corals, marine biodiversity in the world. All this time I have been seeing photos and videos about Raja Ampat, and soon I will experience it directly!

Additional update related to photography, a couple days ago I received an e-mail from Smithsonian institution that one of my underwater photos is selected to be displayed digitally in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s Sant Ocean Hall (Washington DC) alongside the photo exhibition of Brian Skerry (National Geographic Photographer). Honestly, at first reading the e-mail I thought it was a mistake until I looked at the attachment of photo declaration/release with link to the selected photo in my underwater photography account. I submitted the photo long time ago even before I was actively blogging.

Orangutan Crabs

Orangutan Crabs

I was shocked as I thought my photo would not get the chance to be selected among thousands photos submitted for this prestigious event. And  I do feel honored that the orangutan crabs photo captured in Komodo Island is selected by Brian Skerry and his team to participate in his exhibition Portraits of Planet Ocean in Smithsonian Museum. If you happen to visit or in Washington DC, please visit Smithsonian Museum for this photo exhibition as I am sure the photo exhibition will let you enjoy the beauty of our ocean.

That’s all of my update before leaving. I haven’t heard any news on Garuda Indonesia Photo Competition. Most likely my photo will not be chosen as the finalist, but again, I am grateful for being selected in TOP 200.

Unfortunately during my travel to Indonesia, I may miss the opportunity to post travel article regularly and get in touch with your blog posts (but I will try whenever possible!). I will have to skip posting the Photo Weekly Challenge and Monochrome Monday too. Please apologize my lack visits to your blog on the next coming weeks, I will catch up once I am back to daily regular life. Until next post!


  1. Ohhhh you made so jealous now!! I miss diving already and the last time was 2 days ago!! I have been planning to dive in your country for a while, I hope when I go we can go together, maybe you will be around 🙂 and congratulations for the exhibition!! As always, I think you deserve it!! Dont worry about the blog for now, enjoy as much as you can and tell us everything when you are back!! Have fun!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Oh that will be awesome to meet and dive together..abd who knows it will be in Brazil or somewhere in Germany? 😉 and wishing the Brazil team success in the World Cup! Thats sthing i will miss during the trip this time. Have a great weekend!!

      • It would be a pleasure to dive with you….exactly, who knows?? Maybe our trip plans will chock sometime 🙂
        Thank you for cheering for Brazil hahaha I really hope we win this year, but I dont want to keep my hopes too high hahaha! Enjoy your diving 🙂

  2. Wow! Heartiest congratulations Indah! Have fun on your diving trip and look forward to many more stunning pics from you. I know how difficult it is to keep up to date with blogging on trips. (Before my lats post I hadn’t posted for over a month!) But you’ll be collecting plenty of fantastic material I’m sure 🙂

  3. Wowww! Congratulations! You must be very happy! Have a great trip too! 🙂 So jealous you get to eat all the yummy food back in Indonesia! Eat more, dive more and Enjoy!!

    • Thank you dear! Now in Jakarta..yikes its getting warmer here!! Only available with mobilephone – u know how it is with indonesians and internet mobilephone 😀 still cant stand typing on my mobile keyboard…arrggh..yep..i am sure i will gain some weigh after a week 😀

  4. Ohh great soooo exciting this post. Your trip home and this great achievement. Congratulations Indah. This is a great accomplishment. I’m speechless. You must be hipper excited and your parents very proud of you bringing such great news home by yourself. I can’t wait to see more great photos of your diving in Raja Ampat. Have a great time home and enjoy your holiday.

    • Thank you Erwin! Now in Jakarta, super hot but happy to be here. Oh my i hate typing in mobile phone 😀 so limited!! Anyway will post some travel pics during the trip when possible 😉 have a great week ahead..

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