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Top 200 on GA World Photo Contest


Top 200 GAWPC 2014

Top 200 GAWPC 2014

A couple days ago I posted that one of my photos was selected by the judges of GA World Photo Contest (GAWPC) as Top 1000 in nature category from 74,782 photos submitted from 15,478 participants from more than 100 countries. Now I find out that the photo is selected to continue to the next round: TOP 200! I was jumping happily with the news – I could not even concentrate at work after seeing the Top 200 sign on my online photo submission.

I am thanking you who support my photo submission, for your kind comments, the likes and the shares via twitter and facebook. I saw there are some likes and shares also on my photo submission page. I am truly appreciate them and feeling grateful for the supports.

I will be flying with joy if I am selected to be in the next round – Top Five Finalists in nature category. This round will be tougher. The selection will be judged by three reputable photographers – whom I have been familiar with their works. I know they have very high standards when reviewing a photo. Additionally there are amazingly beautiful photos in TOP 200 that deserved to win. I include some of them (print-screen version) here. Please take a look at their work directly in GAWPC website for better view.


Now, about the photo contest itself, GAWPC is annual photography contest held by Garuda Indonesia Airline. This state-owned company is the pride of majority Indonesians; ask any Indonesians about Garuda, they would connect it to the airline. It was founded in 1947 and this year the airline is joining the SkyTeam. Garuda Indonesia had its down period when European Union (EU) banned it from flying in EU air-zone (2007-2009). Garuda learned from this. After the ban lifted in 2009, Garuda is improving in impressive way. In 2012, it received the World’s Best Regional Airline from Skytrax (London) based on a global customer satisfaction survey of 18 million passengers from around the world and in 2013, it received APEX Passengers Choice Award as the Best in Region: Asia and Australasia. I flew by Garuda myself from Amsterdam to Jakarta (return) two years ago. Sincerely I was impressed by their service, cabin’s comforts, facilities and the quality of the food. Too bad Garuda is bit pricey now 🙂

It’s no wonder that GAWPC is considered as one of prestigious photography contests by Indonesians who love photography. And surprisingly the contest has attracted many photographers from around the world. The awards money is not super huge but being selected as the Top Five from the three categories available, the fifteen finalists would get return tickets to a famous place in Indonesia and get fully covered accommodation for up to 7 days, 6 nights. The finalists will have to do a photo hunting in the area and submit their best photo and photo essay to the Judges. The best photo essay and photo would be the winners (five winners).

Last year, the finalists were sent to Toba Lake in North Sulawesi Sumatera Province, and this year it will be Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Flores is famous travel destination nowadays, for its unique Komodo, the colored crater lakes at Kelimutu mount, traditional village of Wae Rebo and many more. Additionally it is superb for its underwater life. I have been there for two weeks diving holiday. I have always wanted to return to Flores just because the overall underwater life there is the best I have ever experienced by far.

I encourage readers who love traveling and photography to participate in GAWPC next year in 2015 (I do hope Garuda will continue the photo contest and I think it will 😉 ). So keep shooting and traveling! Happy Friday!


  1. Really love that shot…beautiful colors, and just a serene feeling. I think you will make it to the next level (and then the next…). A wonderful feeling with this shot.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Congratulations on your success with the fantastic photo:) Sharing such beauty inspires people to conserve it.

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