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Soon: Rotterdam Summer Street Parade!

Street Parade of Summer Carnival (Zomercarnaval) is my favorite annual event in Rotterdam. Having been absence last year because I was in Cuba, this year I am pretty sure I will attend it! The event is awesome for photography enthusiasts who love street photography and colorful parades.

Zomercarnaval is a multicultural event that consisting of multiple events: Zomercarnaval Queen Election, Battle of Drums and the ultimate one: Street Parade. At the beginning, it was celebrated by Rotterdam’s residents originated from the Dutch Antilles and Caribbean. Currently the carnival is celebrated also by people from other cities regardless their ethnicity, but the costume and decoration are still pretty much resembling Caribbean and Latin American cultures.

The street parade in the past few years has attracted many tourists from the Netherlands and neighbor countries. So, it could be very crowded! In anticipating this, I usually avoid the center of Rotterdam area and just stay around at my favorite spot nearby to Erasmus bridge where the parade groups gather to start.

If you happen to be in the Netherlands around that week, please consider to visit Rotterdam for the Zomercarnaval Street Parade. The colorful atmosphere and happy faces will greet you 🙂 Dates of the events are available in this website: Summer Carnival in Rotterdam.


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