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On the Move: Life on Mahakam River

With length of 920 km, Mahakam River in East Kalimantan Province (Indonesia), plays an important role in Kalimantan’s residents’ daily life. The river is also home to hundreds villagers, living in their boat houses. The river flows from Makassar Strait through Samarinda, the capital city of the province. It continues flowing through the forests where orang utan and long nosed monkeys live, becomes the water living source for these primates.


It passes by the Dayak tribal villages, the legendary natives of Kalimantan island who have been depending on the river for many generations.  The river has its life beneath and above, providing economic resources for fishermen and farmers. It is a waterway from village to village, from city to village, and vice versa.

It connects people. And for some, the river is their home.


As the river water keeps flowing, the life on Mahakam River will always on the move.

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In responding to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move


  1. Incredible images, there is something about life on a river (or any waterway) that brings out the romantic in me… Economics would not be a great concern, but just to be by the water would be everything.

    • Thank you Randall..totally understand how you feel about the river. I always love to live nearby the water, there is always interesting happening to see. Been dreaming to own a boat house but somehow it is impractical when living in a city :)) Once I stayed in a floating cabin (in Cuba actually) in the middle of mangrove area, the water surrounding us was calm and peaceful. The experienced of waking up early morning in the middle of the water, out of nowhere, was so pleasant and relaxing..

      • That is great. When I got a place in Seattle, I looked very closely at getting a houseboat because of the romantic feel of living on the water (but instead got a boring flat…). There is just something about water that makes me drift off to dream. Cheers!

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