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Water Drop On Flower

In responding to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. that photo is simply stunning. It almost feels like a hand being held out with ATTITUDE! but the artsy curve and clarity of the circle is really good.

  2. Indah, today it is raining. I know you know how busy I have been in my gardens. Today I am trying to do my usual…going to my friend’s blogs to comment not just to click like. This photo is gorgeous and you captured it right on!!! Keep on doing what you love for you never know where it will lead you. Thank you for following me. I am so glad you are sharing “my life”. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you so much Amy! I am happy to hear from you again.. 🙂 I hope the sun will shine for the rest of the week and you can finalize your garden project – as I am loong forward to see beautiful flower photos from your garden 🙂

      • Indah, we just had rain here, and I am seeing Tulips up in others’ gardens. I have yet to check in my neighbor’s garden. And everything else is greening up nicely. Before you know it, there will be flowers galore!!! And I will be able to chat again like I usually do. LOL Love, Amy

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