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Rotterdam City Hall at Night

The City Hall in Rotterdam, Office of Rotterdam City Mayor, was built in 1914-1920. It was designed by Henri Evers. Evers was one of well-known Dutch architects who contributed his works on several landmarks in the South Holland Province. The City Hall was one of few buildings that not destroyed by the German’s bombardment in 14 May 1940. Rotterdam was collapsed by the attacks. Hundreds people died, tens thousands people were homeless, and most buildings in the heart of Rotterdam were destroyed except this city hall (it was called as stadhuis in Dutch). An old photo of the Rotterdam city hall after the bombardment can be viewed in Flickr’s page of Stadsarchief Rotterdam.

I hope someday I will be able to take pictures of its architecture. In this post, let me show you its partial beauty at night..




  1. Very cool, love what you did to this to make it even more vivid!

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