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Rotterdam Bird’s Eye View

This weekend we invited our Dutch nieces to take their first flying lesson from Rotterdam Flying Club. While Britt, the eldest, was in charge of the cockpit; Mette was assigned to take pictures of the Rotterdam during the lesson in the plane. I lent her my camera, Olympus E-PL5. The photos were nice, it looks like Mette has talent to be a photographer 🙂

Some other photos on Rotterdam’s bird’s eyes view from Mette:  Euromast Tower, Steam Ship (SS) Rotterdam,  Eramus Bridge, Rotterdam Central Station, and the busiest plus the largest port in Europe Rotterdam Port

It was a good day and our nieces excitement was priceless. Kids just could not hide their joy 😉


  1. Incredible how things look so interesting when shot from the air. Your photos really look fantastic. I’m hoping one day to travel to Rotterdam as well. It’s just a matter of when!

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