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First of all, I am thanking bloggers who nominate me for the awards. Thank you and I appreciate the nomination. I have mix feelings about blog award as I am not looking for awards when starting my blog. I understand that receiving and nominating award from/to other blogger is a way to appreciate the achievement of someone’s blogging work plus to support introducing other blogs. It sort of chains. Anyway, I always remember that it was not easy to start a blog and getting readers in my blog, therefore I believe there is a positive side of nominating other blogs for award; to introduce them to other potential readers.

This page is dedicated for awards I received and the nominees I proposed. I would love to add all bloggers I know as nominees but unfortunately the award has some rules to follow. Just to let you know that if your blog has not being nominated by me, it does not mean I do not appreciate your posts – as my likes, tweet shares and comments of your posts are my humble way to appreciate your posts. And please do not feel obligated to accept my award nomination, it is only one way of my many ways to appreciate your blogs.

WordPress Family Award


I received it from Mahi Travel on 29 April 2014. Many thanks for the nomination! I enjoyed reading her posts and photos of every places that she visited. Her writing is full of joy and informative.

The nominees and rules are available here: WordPress Award Nominees.




Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very inspiring blog awardI received it from Rob on 4 May 2014. Thank you so much Rob! It is an honor to receive the award from you. I always enjoy Rob’s funny posts. He also write music with beautiful lyrics.. 🙂

The nominees and rules are available here: Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominees.



Liebster Award

libsterI received it from Aljo on 7 May 2014. He has an interesting and fun travel blog. His travel blog will show you the fun part of the Philippines as well 🙂  Thank you Aljo. Salamat!

The nominees and rules are available here: Liebster Award Nominees





Dragon Loyalty Award

Dragons Loyalty AwardI get nominated by Risty – Create This Simple and Rob – Weight2Lose for this award.

Thank you Risty and Rob! I appreciate the awards. It has been my pleasure to follow your blogs and enjoy your posts.

The nominees and rules are available here: Dragon Loyalty Award Nominees


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