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Belle Mare: Diving Beautiful Sea with ‘Hiccups’

We visited Mauritius to celebrate the new year, and of course, diving on the first day of the year. It has been our tradition for several years. Only this time, it did not go well. Previous dive centres and dive resorts we had visited and stayed in the past few years usually stayed open on the first day of the year to celebrate the new year by scuba diving. But not in Belle Mare (Mauritius) as all dive centres were closed. Partly, it was my fault for not checking this one out, but on the brighter side, we had a longer sleep on the first of January.

Belle Mare

Belle Mare

Belle Mare is a beach with the beautiful white sand beach located in Flacq district. Although it is small, it has a big reputation for protected coral reefs and as a laid-back place, a perfect destination for vacationers who love water sports and to relax on the beach.

Unfortunately, our diving activities in Belle Mare were not as smooth as expected. On the first dive, Dutchie felt something weird with his ear, so he had to end his dive quickly. The dive centre called an ENT doctor to get his ear checked, and it turned out Dutchie had a ruptured eardrum. The eardrum could heal by itself, but scuba diving was not recommended. It was the end of Dutchie’s dive in Mauritius, while I kept continuing diving without him.

Adding to the unpleasant start of our diving holiday in Mauritius, my underwater camera was acting weird. The screen went off, and the shutter button did not work. It happened when we were diving at 18-meter depth and as we got deeper. It was annoying and disappointing at the same time, as I missed opportunities to take pictures of animals that I have never seen before. Anyway, as you can see, I was able to capture a few photos during my dives. I saw a lot of eel-morays. A LOT, but only able to capture pictures of these three eel-morays.

And about my underwater camera…I got it checked, and my faithful underwater camera casing for nearly eight years had to retire. There was something wrong with its buttons, and I had no choice but to let it rest. The holiday started with a few unpleasant situations. Still, in the end, I managed to take a few good underwater pictures, enjoyed the dive (although without Dutchie), visited beautiful places in Mauritius and Dutchie’s eardrum was finally recovered. All’s well that ends well.


  1. i liked the pictures a lot . the screen trick is common by the way . try to check the ( DISPLAY ) button maybe its off .

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