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Before the Crowds

Monochrome Monday

Before the street music starts at New Orleans (Louisiana, USA).

Unfortunately, the streets in the French Quarter were super busy at night, I was not comfortable to take pictures in such crowds. Well, at least, I took a scene before the crowds came…

New Orleans

indahs_monochrome in instagram


  1. Indah!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see your post!!!!!!!!! I’ve been inactive since January 2019 on my website ever since we moved to a new house!!!!!!!! Here the French Quarter looks good to see in the daytime seeing what you could never capture by night!!!!!!!!! May all be well with you & your husband! And you are still in the USA & have not returned to Rotterdam I guess so far. Love to you, Phil

    • Hi Phil, it’s good to hear from you 🙂 I haven’t been active lately either. I hope you are well and healthy. Stay indoor during these days.. I am now back to Indonesia. It’s funny how things are moving on. But I will write soon about my relocation to Indonesia 🙂 Wishing you the best and stay healthy!! best wishes & hugs from Jakarta

      • Indah, Wow! So I was outdated as to where you are living!!! I just read you new post on that Indonesian Island, not knowing you are now living back home. —No Rotterdam! I look forward to reading about it as you mentioned! We are well. May you & yours be well also & stay safe from the virus. And best wishes & love returning to you from us! Phil & wife Geri

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