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Willow Falls

It’s been a while since my last post. At this moment I am stunned with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainties it has caused. For instance, my business trip to Melbourne (Australia) was cancelled. It’s unfortunate since it was planned months ago, I got the visa and flight tickets, plus it would be my first time visiting the continent.I was super excited about the trip, but, safety and health first. Additionally, I am worried about the border’s policy that might be changed within the hours.

I am not sure if I will travel anywhere at anytime soon. Even then, I still have numerous travel pictures from the past that I haven’t published in this blog. For instance, the following picture of beautiful waterfalls in Wisconsin (the USA) from our hiking trip at the Willow River State Park last year.

Willow Falls

There were several trails to reach the falls, from the campground or from the parking lot area. We took the fast trail to reach the falls from the parking lot then left the falls through the longer trail. Both trails were gorgeous with huge trees and easy paths to hike.

The nicest thing of all, Dante, our dog was allowed in the State Park. He had a great time joining us, although we did not allow him to swim on the river due to strong current.

At least he could roll around, well, as long as not in the mud!

The waterfall was gorgeous and secluded. It’s the highlight of our hiking weekend in Wisconsin 🙂

Willow Falls


  1. Sorry about your cancelled trip. I also just cancelled a trip to Russia I was looking forward to. Thanks for the photos as it gave me the idea to look back at the trips I have made.

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