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Cloud Gate Chicago

Cloud Gate or the Bean (it does look like a bean) in Chicago (USA), is truly an impressive sculpture by Anish Kapoor. It was placed in the Millennium Park of Chicago since 2006. The sculpture is truly a masterpiece, made from highly polished stainless steel plates. Even after more than ten years later, the sculpture still attracts people to see it and in a pretty good condition.

Cloud Gate Chicago

And if you were in the hollow part of the bean, then looked up…the Bean reflects somewhat unique reflections.

Cloud Gate Chicago

Then from another angle…

Cloud Gate Chicago

But of course, the best part was the reflection of the stunning skyline of Chicago (and the visitors). I wish I could take more pictures at a different time of the day, and perhaps with fewer visitors. But noting how popular the sculpture is, I have doubt it would not have any crowds.


  1. Oh Indah – enjoyed the different views of the bean….
    Would like to see this in person in a few years. My favorite photo here was the first one – there are three strong buildings anchoring the comp and contrasts nicely with the curves of the art – 😊

    • Thank you so much, Yvette! It was bigger than I expected, I wish it was not too crowded, but yes, the bean is worth a visit and especially the Milinneum Park has plenty public art scupltures to enjoy.

  2. Such a fascinating structure which we have not yet seen. I understand if one goes at dawn there will be fewer people however I actually love all of those intriguing reflections with the people in them.

    • I agree! I love the reflections with people and the selfies moment πŸ˜ƒ It’s kinda fun that way. Hope you will get a chance to see it, Sue. The Milennium park in Chicago has numerous artsy sculptures to enjoy πŸ€—

  3. Love the middle two shots as Ive not seen that angle before. I originally hale from that lovely city but had moved to NYC Long before The Bean was installed. Ahoy from Colombia

    • Lisa, wow!! you are truly traveling the globe! My apology, I havent been following your travel – had issue with social media and decided to take leaves for a while. Hope you will get a chance to visit Chicago again someday. Personally I would love to live in Chicago, but unsure about living in NYC πŸ˜‚

      • I loved living in both. NYC was daunting at first, but eventually, it felt so small that i had to make the sea my new home. I completely understand ‘issue with social media’. My visits are sporadic for the same reason.

  4. This is one large bean indeed. As you said, it does look well-maintained after more ten years. Looks like you caught it on a good day – not raining so you can have a clear view of it πŸ™‚ I think if I stood up close and looked at the funny reflections for too long, I might get dizzy lol. Great photography, Indah πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Mabel! Haha, yes, I think we can dizzy from the reflections, especially the hollow part of the bean. Not to mention the sun shines! We were lucky to be there in such good weather πŸ€—

  5. Indah, So enjoyed your post here on Cloud Gate, the Bean, in Chicago, the sculpture by Anish Kapoor. I never knew about it!!! And I have lived in the USA all my life, obviously, never traveling to Chicago!!! I was so glad to see a place to comment. On all you posts I check for a place to comment but see none. –Maybe my mistake navigating your website. I enjoy all your posts. I am pleasantly surprised you are still living in the USA!!! As I recall, it was to be for 5 years or so. I love your home town of Rotterdam as you may recall. I haven’t been to Chicago but i have been to Rotterdam & love Old Rotterdam!!! Love all your posts! I have not posted on my website since we moved from our old house where we lived for 44 years to a new townhouse nearby in New Jersey. –Just too busy to post! Best wishes always to you. Phil

    • Hi Phil, it’s great to hear from you! Gosh, you moved to a new home after 44 years! I hope the moving went well and living in a townhouse is cozy. On my side, I left the U.S. already, back to Rotterdam then move again.. and this time I sm in Jakarta. But I will write a blog post about it. I have been posting few blog posts before but I close the commentary section so that’s why there was no commentary section. I hope you enjoy your new home and I will visit your blog soon to catch up πŸ€—

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