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Cloud Gate Chicago

Cloud Gate or the Bean (it does look like a bean) in Chicago (USA), is truly an impressive sculpture by Anish Kapoor. It was placed in the Millennium Park of Chicago since 2006. The sculpture is truly a masterpiece, made from highly polished stainless steel plates. Even after more than ten years later, the sculpture still attracts people to see it and in a pretty good condition.

Cloud Gate Chicago

And if you were in the hollow part of the bean, then looked up…the Bean reflects somewhat unique reflections.

Cloud Gate Chicago

Then from another angle…

Cloud Gate Chicago

But of course, the best part was the reflection of the stunning skyline of Chicago (and the visitors). I wish I could take more pictures at a different time of the day, and perhaps with fewer visitors. But noting how popular the sculpture is, I have doubt it would not have any crowds.


  1. Bonjour Indah, tes photos sont magnifiques et j’aime tant les reflets, c’est superbe 🙂
    Douce fin de dimanche avec mes bisous ♥

  2. I love the couple of Anish Kapoor’s pieces I have seen, but had not heard of the bean. I would love to photograph it. I like people in pictures – they are part of cities.

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